With incredible lead singer that has impressive and versatile vocals which allow the band to pull off a huge range of songs that others might avoid. Every member of The J45s is well established in their respective fields and away from the band!

So what's is so special about this band?      Quite simply raising the bar in live entertainment!

 'This band perform an unfaltering brand of good-time rock'n'roll  and hits from the past four decades with their own unique flair while retaining all the impact and flavour of the original.' - Bob Manalle - London FM Radio DJ

'This band may not look like your typical rock stars however they can certainly keep an audience dancing! - Mark Foulger - Manager of King William IV in Horsley

Fun, exciting, mesmerizing! The J45s perform with skills of any major rock band!Charlie House - CrowdPleaser Mag - 2019

You might never see the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Stones or The Animals live but don’t worry – The J45s are better than the real thing!' - Hector Thomas - Westward Magazine - April 2018“

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Tel: 07717814069

Fri 19th July and Sat 20th July 

Fri 19th July - Wealth of talent on Friday at Music at St James in Weybridge.
We had good gig and a lot of fun. Phenomenal young pianist who apparently has done private performance for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 
Thanks to Keith for organizing the event. 
Great cheeseburgers by the way!

Sat 20th July - This was the best gig we have played at The White Swan in St Albans. 
Loud hectic exciting but enjoyable night!    Survived the midnight rush for the DJ 
Hope to see you at our next gig, which is on Sunday 11th August 2019 at The Bull, London Colney

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