Fri 19th Oct and Sat 20th Oct

We had a small but very appreciative audience at The Black Horse in Greenford  

Quite a few people signed up to our emailing list which is encouraging.  

Saturday 20th October at Misty Moon, Northwood was a full…


Sat 6th Oct - The Goat in St Albans

The Goat Inn in St Albans is swiftly becoming an essential fixture of St Albans’ live music circuit. 

With its nooks and crannies and buzzy atmosphere it is the kind of venue that musicians would like to play. 

Sat 15th Sept - The Tavern in Old Welwyn

We travelled up to the quaint village of Old Welwyn in Herts this weekend with the talented John Antony from The Stealers stepping in for Chris on vocals. 

Packed energetic pub, good feedback! We had a blast! 


Sat 15th Sept - The Tavern in Old Welwyn

The talented Jon Antony steps in for Chris on vocals while he's touring Ohio.

Jon is well known for powerful and bluesy voice. so should be a great gig at The Tavern.

Fri 7th Sept - The Blacksmith Arms in St Albans

This was a very good gig at The Blacksmith Arms despite the over friendly ladies at the front jumping with champagne glasses.
Many, many faces rocked! We've had a blast!

Big thanks to Simon Cowl who did a great…