Saturday 3rd September - Nags Head Sunningdale

Our gig at The Nags Head turned out to be a cracking one with Dave Jenkins stepping in on bass for Terry Peaker. Heaps of free drinks drifting around and folks standing on tables when there were no seats available.

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Sat 20th August - East Barnet

Excellent night at RBL Club in Barnet. Thoroughly enjoyable considering this band lineup had never performed together before.

Review from the venue manager below

'Banging' The J45s on Saturday 20 August 2022  

Great band, great night. Versatile group offering a

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Saturday 20th August - Barnet

Tonight we are performing at Royal British Legion Club in Barnet with the great John Stealer on vocals and Chris Sharley on drums



Sunday 31st July - Ye Olde George Inn

Good day, yesterday at Ye Olde George Inn in Colnbrook.
Looks like we're performing the 'Morris Dancers Blues'.

Great support from The Flying Blueberries and thanks to Lamb Bristo's contribution with her powerful mezzo-soprano vocals on 'Big

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Sunday 17th July

Here we are trying to cool off in front of two large high-velocity fans in the backstage tent at Winchester prior to The Zarrs gig 

Catering ran out of bottled water and therefore supplied alcohol-free beer as an alternative.


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Two great gigs last weekend and now Sat 9th July

Exhausting weekend of gigs as the final performance was an outdoor gig at The Old George in Colnbrook on a sun-melting stage. I used a Gibson Nighthawk guitar instead of the usual Fender Stratocaster. 

Thanks to Lamb Bristow who got…

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Two great venues this weekend

Sat 2nd July is The Nags Head in Sunningdale which is a warm Pub with a community feel, a great atmosphere, and a friendly bunch of regulars who love live music in Coln brook

Sunday 3rd July is a return…

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Sunday 26th June - The Pheasantry, Kings Road, Chelsea

Excellent night at The Pheasantry, Kings Road, Chelsea yesterday. 

It was a pleasure to perform with Dudley Tyrell as a special guest along with Chris from The J45s for the Bob Dylan Tribute show 

Dud’s performance was exceptional and…

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