Two gig weekends.

Saturday 26th Feb turned out to be an excellent gig in a pub in the middle of nowhere (The Holly Bush in Hampshire). 

Someone purchased the band eight vodkas (we gave them away

Sunday afternoon 27th Feb…

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Sat 26th Feb @ Sun 27th Feb

The J45s are performing two gigs this weekend. Our first visit to The Holly Bush in Headley Hampshire and a regular return to Ye Olde George in Colnbrook.

Sat 19th Feb - The Nags Head in Sunningdale

Top performance for the gig at the Nag's Head in Sunningdale (Ascot if you are googling it.)
Marathon performance felt like a power trio supporting frontman Chris with an uplifting, foot stomping versions of songs by ‘The Band’…

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Saturday 29th January - Wheatsheaf and Pigeon in Staines

The Wheatsheaf and Pigeon is a community pub also known affectionately as the ‘WEE and PEE’. 
The pub located the corner of Wheatsheaf Lane and Penton Road between Staines upon Thames and Laleham.

9pm to 11pm



January 2020 Chris and I of The J45s were in a bar Amsterdam where I wrote this song. The plan was to return to London to record and mix it with the full band however due to the pandemic this…

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Happy New Year!

Due to the emergence of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant and the subsequent increase in cases in the Greater London area, The J45s have had four gigs cancelled. On top of that the band were invited by three venues to…

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Saturday 27th November - The White Swan in St Albans

Last night The J45s outing to newly refurbished White Swan turned out to a much healthier experience than anticipated. 

The new Security were good. They roped off the audience and assisted in and out with the equipment. In addition, we…

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