Sat 18th May - The Swallow in Hillingdon

After excellent gig with The Zarrs on Owlsworld stage at Rickmansworth Festival in the afternoon.

Afterwards couple of beers exchanging bad jokes then headed just up the road for what was an suspringsingly enjoyable night at The Swallow in Hillingdon…

Sat 18th May

Zarrs gig at Rickmansworth Festival at 4pm then a quick beer before rushing off to The Swallow in Hillingdon for evening gig.

Sat 4th May - The Tavern in Old Welwyn

Enjoyable night last night at The Tavern in Old Welwyn albeit not our usual line up so material more bluesy and intense.

Thanks to John Stealer on vocals and Eddie Masters stepped in on the bass, plus guest vocalists…

Sat 20th April - The Swan in Wembley

What good little venue this turned out to be. Hidden gem and proper music pub.

Receiving firm handshakes and being told we cover songs much better than the original artists from appreciative audience members is definitely a good feeling.


Fri 12th April and Sat 13th April

Fri 12th April At Cross Lances in Hounslow and Sat 13th April at White Swan in St Albans.

Enjoyable gig and plenty positive feedback last night at The Cross Lances in Hounslow.

Good start to the 'Nuclear Penguin' Tour

Friday 5th April - King William IV in West Horsley

We had a guid wee gig at The King William IV in West Horsley. Good set from local band All The Kings Men.

Thanks to Simon Cowl for his Proclaimers contribution. Recommend the Silkmore B&B down the road.


Friday April 5th - King William IV in West Horsely

Back at King Billy with support from great local band All The Kings Men.

Apparently another sell out!

The J45s have book a B&B nearby so we can stumble home after gig.

Special thanks to Mark Foulger for organizing this…

Sat 30th March - The Roebuck in Wokingham

What can only be described as an excellent gig at this tenth century coaching inn at the heart of Wokingham

 The Roebuck in Wokingham has received a lease of life in the past six months from new owners Helena and…