Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th November

Marking their 10th anniversary, The J45s show no sign of slowing down, putting their feet up or anything else you’d expect for musicians who have been in the business for so long. 

Sat 16th Nov - The Swallow in Hillingdon/Uxbridge…

Saturday 2nd November - White Swan in St Albans

After three power cuts due to adverse weather conditions last night's St Albans gig finally kicked off.

The lights appeared to have been screwed up which produced an interesting effect of fireflies everywhere.

Saturday 26th October - Red Bar and Lounge in Dorking

Dorking 's classic music venue lived up to its reputation.
Many audience members asked ‘How do The J45s get such a good sound' 

Perhaps it’s the acoustics in venue. Very good gig! .
Thank you to Simon Cowl and…

Misty Moon in Northwood - Friday 11th October

Dancing on the tables at a packed out Misty Moon in Northwood. Free beer for the band!

Happy Days!

Hope to see you at our next gig, which is on Saturday 26th October 2019 at Red Bar & Lounge

Sat 21st September - The Cross Lances in Hounslow

A gem of a pub with a distinctive tiled frontage situated on the corner of Cross Lances.

Good fun and good music

10 min from Hounslow Central tube

2 min from Hounslow train station